The World Is Sweet at Any Age with a Bicycle!

Riding a bicycle is a different experience for everyone: For the BMX Bike enthusiast is the thrill of executing the routine flawlessly. For some it is to cover a cross country trail and be one with nature. For others, a bicycle is a commuting vehicle, or a way of burning calories, or relieving stress; for most kids is just the pure joy of riding.
Visit Frenchie’s Bicycles at our new location at Margate in Broward County! With more than 400 bicycles on display, it’s easy to grab one and take it for a ride. You’ll feel like a kid again. From BMX bikes, Recumbent Bicycles, trikes to electric bikes and also exercise ones, we have something for bicycle riders of all levels. Looking for something that the entire family can do together that’s fun? Why not treat them to a bike outing? Frenchies’ Bicycles at Margate (Broward) has bikes that you can rent. Do you want to spread payment over a period of time? We offer layaway.
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We are located in Margate, Broward County Florida
Margate-Fort Lauderdale-Coral Springs-Deerfield Beach

What makes Frenchies Bicycles different?

1-. We are interested in you and your bike needs:

Have you gone to one of the large retailers with a question about a bicycle? Most probably you will wait and wait and wait and maybe someone will come around to try to help, only to discover that this person does not ride bikes or knows a lot less that you…
That is exactly the opposite of what happens when you visit Frenchies. Not only that you are in a warm “feel at home” environment. WE KNOW BIKES, we LOVE bikes, we live on cycles and…

2-. The Repair Shop:

The reason to be so thorough on the mechanical side of the bike is that we have learned that safety is paramount. All bicycles are assembled, calibrated and tested twice before going to the showroom or delivered to the ordering customer and again before leaving the premises. We want to make sure everything is perfect for you.

Our Motto: We work for You

Call 954-974-5340, or visit us today!
Frenchies Bicycles Store:
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Margate-Fort Lauderdale-Coral Springs-Deerfield Beach
We carry Trek, Raleigh, Jamis, Three G, Electra, Townie Bicycles among others


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