Bicycle Rental:

Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties offer a slew of parks to enjoy with bicycles. You can plan a trek to the Big Cypress Preserve or Shark Valley and be close to nature and enjoy of a great exercise day without having to buy the unit. Come to our Superstore in Broward near Fort Lauderdale; check the bicycles available for rental and enjoy a memorable outing (don’t forget the camera!).

If you don’t have a place to safely store your bicycle or you don’t want to have to maintain it, or you don’t expect to use it too much, renting may be the answer for you.
Give us a call (954) 974-5340 and ask for Frenchie for details.

Lay Away:

Maybe you have a particular bicycle model in mind but you think you can’t afford it. We have a solution.
Call Frenchies Bicycles @ (954) 974-5340
and ask for our lay away program and you can soon walk away from our showroom with the bicycle you really want.

Broward County: Margate • Fort Lauderdale • Coral Springs • Deerfield Beach and more

Bike Parts, tires and accessories

Frenchies has a large selection of bicycle parts. We carry all major road bike parts, mountain bike parts, and even BMX parts. Frenchies Bicyles has a huge variety of derailleurs, headsets, handlebars, and bicycle chains, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need.
A good tire for your bike is important in getting the maximum amount of performance out of your bicycle. Bicycle tires are available in many sizes and rubber compounds. The type of riding that you do, as well as what bike you ride will greatly influence what bike tires you choose. Mountain tires typically have tall knobs for traction on loose terrain, while road tires are usually smooth and narrow for riding on paved surfaces.
We also carry nutritional products, helmets, glasses, water bottles and many accessories for your bicycle ride

Bicycle Repair Shop:

• Basic Bicycle Tuneup: Front/Back brakes – shifter – cranks – headsets – derailleurs – gears & wheels – safety check – lube chain and cables.
• Fix Flats.
• Bike Adjustments: Brakes, Crank, Derailleurs, Headsets, Wheels
• Bicycle Services: Tube Installation – Tire Installation – Chain Installation – Drive train clean & lube – Shift cable installation – Headset installation – Brake cable installation – Cyclo-computer installation.
• Bike Safety Inspection: Preventive check for possible problems.

Does your bike or scooter need servicing? If so, bring it in, or we’ll pick it up. Our friendly, professionally trained mechanics can straighten wheels, fix wheelchairs, and replace parts.

Margate-Fort Lauderdale-Coral Springs-Deerfield Beach

Frenchies Bicycles specializes in expert bicycle repair. From old rigs to custom dream bikes, simply bring yours to our store in Margate -Broward County- and we’ll fix it for you!

Frenchies bicycles has over 20 years in the business and is a full-service bicycle shop. Visit us in our South Florida store and let our friendly and informative staff help you with all your cycling needs. Our clients are so satisfied with our services that they come from other cities like Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach and many more


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Broward County: Margate • Fort Lauderdale • Coral Springs • Deerfield Beach and more